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An Adventurer's Beginning
A Dungeons&Dragons® v3.5 adventure for 4-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.
© 2006 Grant Williams

    A group of young adventurers accept a quest to search for clues to the fate of a fledgling adventurer much like themselves. Taking the quest as an opportunity to battle vile creatures and earn valuable treasures, the adventurers may realize too late that the fate of the adventurer they seek may become their own....

Adventure Introduction
An Adventurer's Beginning was created using only the three core Dungeons&Dragons® v3.5 rulebooks: the Dungeon Master's Guide, the Players Handbook and the Monster Manual. Any material outside of these three sources will be noted, and all-inclusive. Feel free to modify any details, monsters and treasure to suit your own gaming style, player characters and campaign setting.

An Adventurer's Beginning is a continuation of the encounter-sized adventure The Cave In Crey Wood, but can be easily modified into it's own, stand-alone adventure.

In The Cave In Crey Wood the characters found a magical shield. Artfully inscribed on the inside of the rim was the word "Harn". "Harn" could be mistakenly assumed as the shield's name, but is actually the name of the original owner....

Adventure Background
Harn Pendren was the youngest of seven Pendren children. The Pendrens lived and worked as farmers in Kulp until a lucrative inheritance freed them from their peasant life several years ago. They moved to a very nice home in nearby Qwell and, even though they could comfortably retire, they opened a casual merchant business of farming tools and textiles.

Harn, against his parents very concerned opposition, took this good fortune as an opportunity to fulfill his dream of becoming an adventurer. Most of his siblings were also against such a dangerous career choice. Most, but not all. Harn's older brother Borem, was very supportive, and encouraged him to follow his dream. Borem grew up on the farm becoming quite adept at metallurgy and tool repair, and had used the inheritance to follow his own passion, becoming a smith's apprentice in Qwell.

After Harn finished a Summer's worth of training, the lure of adventure got the better of him. He outfitted himself with armaments and gear, and soon found a band of young and eager adventurers like himself. While Harn was saying his goodbyes to his family, Borem presented him with a very special gift: a magical shield that he and his master crafted, to which Borem hired a sorceror to enchant. Artfully inscribed on the inside of the shield's iron rim was his name, "Harn".

Harn joined his adventuring companions, and left Qwell with unbridled excitement of what was to come. The Pendels have not seen or heard from him since.

Two summers have passed. Harn's family has been left wondering and waiting.

Wondering and waiting, when another group of adventurers has just arrived at their door, bearing Harn's prized shield....

The Adventure Begins
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