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Exploring Moorirot Mound
A Dungeons&Dragons® v3.5 adventure for 4-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.
by Grant Williams, Dungeoneering.com © 2007

Adventure Conclusion
Exploring Moorirot Mound - Adventure Introduction
Part 1: Enter the Danger (Rooms #1 - #22)
Part 2: Secular Silence and the Dire Rat Baron (Rooms #23 - #32)
Part 3: Lizard Lair to the Dead Elf (Rooms #33 - #47)
Exploring Moorirot Mound - Adventure Conclusion
Map of Moorirot Mound:
Map of Moorirot Mound - Dungeons&Dragons Adventure
Concluding the Adventure

As promised Renzel awards each surviving party member with 100gp (feel free to have Renzel adjust this up or down depending on the group's success and thoroughness).
Dungeons&Dragons v3.5 Adventure: Exploring Moorirot Mound © 2007 Dungeoneering.com

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