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Exploring Moorirot Mound
A Dungeons&Dragons® v3.5 adventure for 4-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.
by Grant Williams, Dungeoneering.com © 2007

Adventure Introduction
Exploring Moorirot Mound - Adventure Introduction
Part 1: Enter the Danger (Rooms #1 - #22)
Part 2: Secular Silence and the Dire Rat Baron (Rooms #23 - #32)
Part 3: Lizard Lair to the Dead Elf (Rooms #33 - #47)
Exploring Moorirot Mound - Adventure Conclusion
Map of Moorirot Mound:
Map of Moorirot Mound - Dungeons&Dragons Adventure
Introduction (read aloud to players or paraphrase)
Renzel Harldamon, a proclaimed council member of The Office of Exploratory Affairs in Quell, has hired your adventuring services to explore Moorirot Mound - a long-abandoned dungeon northeast of Kulp. For 100gp each, and the promise of adventure, you have agreed to enter the dungeon beneath Moorirot Mound, penetrate as deeply as safely possible, and report back to Renzel on inhabitants, structural state, accessibility, etc.
It is mid-Spring. The entire region is soaked with spring rain showers and thunderstorms. Greenery sprouts all around as the flora has spent the last few weeks waking from its hard winter slumber.
Dark, grey thunder cloads cover the early morning sky as you make your trek through Fernick Wood towards Moorirot Mound. Civilized paths are long forgotten, and the map you acquired from Kulp barely guides you from game trail to game trail.
Despite the challenge and effort you are making good progress, and estimate you will reach Moorirot Mound before mid-day. A strong morning wind rolls in from the west, over the forest trees - still wet from pre-dawn showers. Thick rain drops begin to pat the canopy above as you push forward through the forest.

Begin the adventure by going to Part 1: Enter the Danger and begin reading area #1.
† Text within dark grey boxes are to be read aloud to players.
† All treasure in bold is randomly generated every day.

Dungeons&Dragons v3.5 Adventure: Exploring Moorirot Mound © 2007 Dungeoneering.com

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